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"Looking for online poker for Macs, but can't find any software?"


A few years ago when I first started looking to play online poker with my new iMac, I didn't know of any poker sites that were Mac compatible.  After some research, I found that there are some options. Here are the best poker and casino solutions for Mac/iMac users:

The best Macintosh onlinepoker that we have found is at, although is a very close second place.   Full Tilt's Mac compatible poker software is very good, but Bodog offers both poker and casino games - and there's no downloading required to play at Bodog, which is nice.



Mac Online Poker News:



Oct 25: Bodog Poker has launched their Mac online poker software (as well as Mac casino games). Bodog offers both poker and casino games for Mac, and is sure to be a favorite! Bodog Casino has a great game selection - click here to read our full review of Mac Bodog Casino and Poker.

July 7 : VERY COOL! Cherry Red Casino is now Mac and iMac compatible! This is arguably one of the best online casinos, and now Mac users can enjoy the massive selection of games. Highly recommended -

May 17 : Our full write-up and review of Full Tilt's Mac online poker software has been completed.  Read the review of Full Tilt Mac Poker here.


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If you're looking for online poker for Macs you can be playing within a matter of minutes.  You can play for fun, or you can play for cash.  Online poker can be a lot of fun, and quite profitable if you choose to practice and learn the game.  If you were looking for online poker for Macs, you can use our tips and advice to learn about the game,




If you don't want to bother reading our full list of Mac online poker rooms and you just want to start playing right away, I would recommend trying first.







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