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www.fulltiltpoker.com recently launched their poker software for Macs in late January 2006, and so far it has been a huge hit.  Over 2000 new Mac users every day are signing up to play at Full Tilt.  There are many reasons to play Mac online poker at Full Tilt, including a huge first deposit bonus, fabulous software, and the ability to play with the pros that you see on TV.


Full Tilt players like Mike Matusow, Phil Ivey, Jennifer Harmon, John Juanda, Howard Lederer, John D'Agostino, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, and many more all hang out and play high stakes at Full Tilt.  It's pretty cool to find yourself battling out a hand against a former WSOP Champion, and you'll probably only ever get the chance to do it at Full Tilt.


Full Tilt Mac Highlight

Generally, the pros at www.fulltiltpoker.com hang out at the bigger tables, such as $10-$20 through $100-$200.  However, I've seen many of them playing smaller stakes, such as $3-$6 and even $2-$4.  They're usually quite friendly and chatty, and might even offer some friendly advice if you ask their opinion after a hand is over.

Beyond the "novelty" factor of playing with the pros, there are other good reasons to give www.fulltiltpoker.com a try.  Their software is truly top notch quality, and the tables are fully customizable.

While you're sitting at the tables, you can change the color/style of the cards, the background, the chat box, the stools, and even people's avatars (their personal character representation).  You can decide whether you want the background to be plain, a downtown Las Vegas skyline, a tropical beach, outer space, or other choices.  The image below was on the setting "plain" because that is my preference.


For your own avatar at www.fulltiltpoker.com, you can choose from a variety of different characters.  Different animals like dogs, cats, sharks, donkeys, frogs, elephants, lizards, and others are available.  Also, different human characters are available, such as young/old, skinny/overweight, hockey players, baseball players, black people, white people, Asian people, cowboy/girl, a Gypsy, a military male, a pilot, a wizard/troll, nurse, boxer, surfer, etc etc.  I could go on and on, but you get the idea.  After you choose your base character, you can even customize their facial expression if you want to.  You can make them appear happy, sad, surprised, etc.  All of this all is optional, of course.


Full Tilt Game Console

Finding a game at Full Tilt is easy.


Full Tilt Mac Poker Table

        The tables at Full Tilt are great looking and are also         very customizable.

So far, my three month long overview of www.fulltiltpoker.com has been very impressive.  I've been spending more time playing at Full Tilt than my other (favorite) rooms lately.  The games are pretty loose, which means that there are a high percentage of poor players, so winning is easier.  The software has been very reliable, and is easily the best out there for Macs.  You can even have multiple tables open at once, so you can play more than one game or tournament at a time which is nice (personally I play 2-3 tables at once).  www.fulltiltpoker.com has exploded onto the Mac online poker scene, and is highly recommended.


Full Tilt Mac Poker


Full Tilt Poker Review: (click here to visit Full Tilt Poker)

Average number of players:

6000-16000 players online

Deposit Bonus:

Enter Bonus Code: MACUSER for

100% up to $600 

Cash Game stakes:

$.05-$.10 up to $200-$400 (and up)

Sit-n-Go stakes:


Tournament selection:

Very Good


Download.  Very secure and stable.

Other notes:

-Player points program


-Play with pros


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