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One of the internet's most established online poker rooms is Mac friendly


Pacific Poker is one of the oldest online poker rooms around, having opened their 'doors' in 1997 - well before the current poker boom. Their parent company ( is traded publicly on the London Stock Exchange, which should give you an idea of the size and scope of their operation. I have come to love their software and the overall appearance of the tables. Generally speaking, the customer service is very good. Typically they will return emails within 2 to 6 hours. If you are less patient and can't wait that long, they also offer a Live Help window on their website. Just launch it and you'll instantly be connected to one of their service reps who seem to be quite friendly. Overall Pacific Poker is a great place to play online poker on your Mac computer with very few hassles.


In terms of table offerings, Pacific Poker usually has a pretty good selection. They have a full Play Money section if you're not interested in playing for real money. Their cash games range from $.05-$.10 Fixed Limit all the way up to $30-$60, and they just recently added No Limit game stakes from $.25-$.5 to $5-$10. They have a good selection of sit-n-go's too, with buy-in's from $2.50 all the way up to $200, and in particular the $2.50, $5, and $10 sit-n-go tables always seem to be busy. If you like sit-n-go poker tournaments, Pacific Poker has a great selection for Mac users. As far as game selection, Pacific Poker has the following poker games:


  • Texas Hold'Em

  • Omaha

  • Omaha High/Low

  • 7 Card Stud

  • 7 Stud High/Low

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Pacific Poker is sister site to famous


In general, Pacific has a good multi-table tournament selection, but probably not quite as good as PokerRoom's. They do offer more lower stakes tournaments than PokerRoom does though, which is nice if you want to enter a big tournament for less than $5. Pacific Poker hosts dozens of multi-table tournaments every day, so there are lots of options.


My overall impression of Pacific's Mac compatible online poker software interface is good, but there are some things that you should be aware of. The cards seem to be dealt a little bit slower than at many online poker rooms, which is neither a good nor a bad thing. Also, the first time I tried to play at Pacific on my Mac I had some minor compatibility issues. I could see the cards on my screen, but nothing table, no chips, and no players! I contacted customer service and they had me up and running within a matter of minutes. I was impressed with the speed of the customer service rep's solution of my problem, and also their overall conduct.


It's easy to find a game at Pacific Poker

The console is easy to navigate and well laid out

The Mac friendly tables at Pacific are very good looking

The tables at Pacific Poker are clean and uncluttered


I donít know if Pacific Poker still has the same offer going that they did when I signed up, or if maybe I just got lucky, but they deposited $5 of real money into my account as a friendly gesture for me to try their online poker software. Pretty sweet deal, as I got to try a real cash micro-limit table for free. Overall, I would say that Pacific is a good place to play online poker on your Mac against other real people. They offer enough options to keep almost everyone happy.



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Average number of players:

4000-8000 players online

Deposit Bonus:

25% up to $100

Cash Game stakes:

$.05-$.10 up to $30-$60

Sit-n-Go stakes:


Tournament selection:



No-download.  Secure and stable.

Other notes:

-Player points program


-Casino games at

  -Good customer service





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